Q: What should you do to get a personal injury lawyer smile for a nice picture? 
A: Just say “Fees”!

Despite all such attorney jokes we love to listen and share, the fact is we do need lawyers to come to our rescue from time to time. Be it a case of divorce, personal bankruptcy, real estate dispute, medical malpractice, or a crime, we need them to help us sail through the legal proceedings easily. But how and where to find a good one is a big question that needs to be answered. This question becomes even more daunting in cities likes Birmingham, Alabama, where over 36,000 attorneys practice law in different areas.

Finding good lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama can get really difficult if you don’t go about your search systematically. So, if you have recently faced a legal problem and need to choose the best among the most reputable attorneys in Birmingham, Alabama for your case, here are a few steps to follow -

  • First, find out if your employer provides some kind of discounted legal services through either a general employee assistance program (EAP). Well, you will certainly not find a Johnny Cochran this way, but it may prove to be a useful resource to get some basic legal documentation done at reasonable costs. Some EAPs also offer free legal consultation to help you find good lawyers and decide the next steps. 
  • Next, ask your friends, peers, neighbors and family members for recommendations. You can also get great recommendations from known lawyers practicing in a different area. 
  • You can also go for the lawyer referral service offered by the Birmingham Bar Association. This will at least provide you with a list of local attorneys practicing in Birmingham. You may also get the required assistance at Alabama State Bar helpline number - 1- 800-392-5660.
  • Once you’ve shortlisted a few prospects based on location, basic qualification, and referrals, take out time to interview all of them. When interviewing them, ensure that they offer services in the area you are looking for and that no disciplinary actions have been filed against them till date. You can get all the relevant information in this regard on the official website of Alabama State Bar.

You may then ask them a few other important questions like –
  • Who exactly will be handling your case? Will it be the lawyer himself or his junior associate?
  • What are the lawyer’s major qualifications and credentials? Is he professionally certified to handle cases in the area you are looking for? 
  • How well is the concerned lawyer experienced in the specific area?
  • How much would it cost you and if it is worth spending that amount?
  • How would he like to be paid? Is there an hourly rate or is it a fixed rate that you are being asked for?

If however you wish to save all this effort, you can simply go to websites like AlabamaLawyersGroup.com. Experts at Alabama Lawyers Group (ALG) not only review your case in detail and provide free case evaluation, but also connect you with the best pre-screened Attorneysin Birmingham, Alabama to resolve your case. As said by Robert Smith Surtees, “There are three sorts of lawyers – able, unable, and lamentable”!Which one do you wish to have? 

Call (205) 530-0612 now for a free legal consultation from the ALG experts and get to the most reputable lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama in no time.

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